♪ Come on, come on, come on, now touch me baby ♪- Holli Pocket for GFW

Awwww-esome body suits, arent them? This 4 beauties called “Touch My Bodysuit” from Holli Pocket are part of the Grenade Free Wednesday event. You buy them by packs of 2 bodysuits at only 85 L. (set 2: Periwinkle & silver, set 3: robin blue & taupe). there are also other lovely colors to choose from at reg. price (200L per pack- 2 bodysuits-). Enjoy them, sexy!


Hot items collected in Grenade Free Wednesday . 2 .

*Step inSide* – COCO chair multi-colour. Cool poses, plus infinity options to style it ( you can change both textures – the seat and the half sphere or coco 😉 )

Bodacious – Jemma Shape. Im not sure what skin is the model of Bodacious ad wearing, but i tried the shape with PF skin and it works to me…i think she looks gorgeous with it ♥.

Piccara – Slip Sweater. It comes in grey or white, and it looks fantastic with or without something under them (im using cute bras to show them, but it also works if you wear a pretty top under it or even in topless…c´on!)

LOULOU&CO – CALIBOU MESH Hoodie. This store is one of those that really rocks so there´s not a surprise to me to see this lovely hood.

I will share you a secret, this is my first time wearing mesh items; i must admit i´d bad preconceptions about them, but wow…im fascinated; the best part of them, to me, is the fact that you can pose freely! without limitations. Im also wearing a mesh hair from Alice Proyect.

JULYs . Hate Xmas tattoo. It comes as a tattoo layer. I dont hate xmas but i do adore to have Scribbles in my belly ☺♥☺

Hot items collected in Grenade Free Wednesday . 1 .

Hi, im so sorry to be late, but tks to designers almost all items are still at sale on Jersey Shore Sim! whew…so, lets see what i have to share with you this time 😉

Tenjin – My Star Stomach Tattoo, in fresh and faded versions.  Allways hot!

Aissence – Boyfriend Jeans Set in green (jeans & ripped sweater included) I love crop tops, so i like a lot this one, plus it has a grunge warrior style, so its a YES..at least to me! ☺

Tenfifteen – Merry Sweater in pink. This is an adorable MESH sweater, and it comes in normal and curvy sizes, including an alpha layer.

Sparrowtree Studios – Hands of Time Pose Pack.  Includes a clock background, 4 different static poses in poseballs and separate, and 4 quotes to choose!…OMG…this item its pure fire!

Kennedy´s – Baby Deer Outfit :dress, antlers, hooves, spots, tail, nose and ears included! IT makes you look like a Cuuuuute creature♥

[ILAYA] – Soraya Drap Outfits. Black and White colors to choose from. They are hot, cold, ultramodern , rare! Plus it is like 1000 outfits in 1, because you have lot of parts to play with and recreate as u wish.

Ride my jeep to a non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)