Whore Certified, Round 3!!

Remember one of the bests event of the year, Whore Couture Fair? Ok, good news are most of the brands that joined WCF are part of this weekly event “Whore Certified”. So you will find pretty & hot items at a discounting price during the week of WC. Lets show you some of them!

Krasota Eva skin – Tone 1 m1

Tones 2, 3 & 4

Different skin makeups! (showing Tone 1)

Krasota – Eva Skins. Gor-GeoOous skin available in 4 different tones, each one is available in 2 different make-up colour packs. 665 L each.

Tenjin – Sugar Magnolia Tattoo. Lovely tat that includes fresh and faded versions, on underpants and tattoo layers. Just 45 L!.

Shantal – Ripped Whore Shorts – Love the texture! bcs of the shimmering effect on it. This pretty shorts comes on pants and underpants layers, and for only 45 L.

Le Primitif – Gorilla Pumps in black – Hyper modern pumps that fits perfectly to any foot. 150 L.

Orsini – She Who Dares Dress – Pretty & sexy dress with a strapless front and a very provocative back. Only 45 L!.

Happy shopping, fashion whores! ☺


My favs from GFW

Nemezi – Suspenders!- Available in 8 different colors, this cool item comes with resizer script. 20 L each one or fatpack 80L!

Tenjin- Babydoll Tattoo – Comes in fresh and faded versions on shirt, undershirt and tattoo layers. Just 40 L! ♥

Kennedy’s – Oopsie School Girl Sweater in pink – Very very naughty top at 50 L.

[Echo] – Intermezzo Mesh Dress. Black.Pink – 90 L . This mesh dress includes a pretty bright pant. 90 L.

Sparrowtree Studios – The Tribute Pose Set, including 4 static poses with saluting prim hand, and bow & arrow props. 25 L each.

 Divinity Boutique – Rawr Outfit – Includes top, shorts and tattoo layer for legs. Just 80 L

 Seddy’s Creations – Heavy Metal Stomper Boots with resize script & Hard Candy Spikey Pumps that comes with a color hud to choose between 13 different colors, plus skin and resize options. 99 L each item.

Forever Young –  Stonewashed Mini Skirts, available in 4 different colours. Each skirt  includes 4 different sizes. 75 L

Misera – Easter Fun Top Hat – Playful item to celebrate this days ☺ 75 L.

Step inSide – LLivia Skins – Includes 4 different tones each with/without cleavage  and eyebrow shaper. 85 L.

 Freaky Design – Bunny Hat – Adorable item that comes with resizer . 75 L

 blah.BLAH.blah – Sweater and Denim Skirt Outfits – available in 5 different colors. 99 L.

Aissence – Karina Sheer Lingerie Fatpack – including 8 different colors. Just 80 L..a real MUST!.

Run run run to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)