Hot items collected in Grenade Free Wednesday . 1 .

Hi, im so sorry to be late, but tks to designers almost all items are still at sale on Jersey Shore Sim! whew…so, lets see what i have to share with you this time 😉

Tenjin – My Star Stomach Tattoo, in fresh and faded versions.  Allways hot!

Aissence – Boyfriend Jeans Set in green (jeans & ripped sweater included) I love crop tops, so i like a lot this one, plus it has a grunge warrior style, so its a least to me! ☺

Tenfifteen – Merry Sweater in pink. This is an adorable MESH sweater, and it comes in normal and curvy sizes, including an alpha layer.

Sparrowtree Studios – Hands of Time Pose Pack.  Includes a clock background, 4 different static poses in poseballs and separate, and 4 quotes to choose!…OMG…this item its pure fire!

Kennedy´s – Baby Deer Outfit :dress, antlers, hooves, spots, tail, nose and ears included! IT makes you look like a Cuuuuute creature♥

[ILAYA] – Soraya Drap Outfits. Black and White colors to choose from. They are hot, cold, ultramodern , rare! Plus it is like 1000 outfits in 1, because you have lot of parts to play with and recreate as u wish.

Ride my jeep to a non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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