lOOSING mY rELIGION & more..- Le Poppycock releases!

My fav. store, Le Poppycock, has good news for you: New releases, February gift and a fabulous item for Back to Black event; so i will divide this post in 3..lets see!

Le Poppycock – Cheap Plastic Combo – A coOol jewelry set that includes a pair of earrings and 2 bangles (for lower & upper arm). New release at only 50 L!. Im also using all poses from PoppyCock..you can find them at the mainstore : single poses 25L and packs 110 L.

 Le Poppycock ~ Cheap Plastic set ~ Like a Prayer (pink) Gift!! (join the group bcs they r available as luckyboard gift for groupies ☺).

 Le Poppycock – Keep on truckin’ Boots – This glam-grounge boots are one of the 2 items that Poppycock created for the Back to Black event, wich aspires to spread the word about mental health issues. Designers were assigned various themes, such as Strength, Courage, Spirit… Endurance is the inspiration for Le Poppycock creations.

Le Poppycock – Day after day panty set – This cuties are the other item that Poppycock offers for the Back to Black event. 99 L.

Keep in mind that this event runs from February 11 to 29, 2012.

GFW 16/5/12 – take 1-

Chloe – Olga MESH Romper. Such an adorable item that includes 5 sizes and alpha layer, there ´s no demo available, but it fits great.. and only cost 77 L .

Step Inside – France Skins. This fab. pack comes with 3 different tones (now showing Tan tone), with/without cleavage layers. 85 L

ZINAS – Breezy Rigged MESH Tube Tops,  8 different colors, each one includes 5 different sizes and an alpha layer. 50 L each!

The Phoenix Collections – Nala Outfit. Available in 4 different colors:  black, green, red or blue. 75 L each pack.

 Sparrowtree Studios – Horoscope Poses, available in 12 different designs. Just 15 L each one!

 Cherry Pop Studio – “Begging for Money” gesture

 Cherry Pop Studio – “It sucks to be you” gesture

 Cherry Pop Studio – “You are a Wankster” gesture.

The Insult Gestures pack includes this 3 cool items. Just 90 L the pack.

Sugar & Cyanide – Buttoned, Belted MESH Tube Top. Comes with 3 different sizes and an alpha layer. 50 L!.

Kennedy’s – Tied Tube Tops Fatpack, including 8 different colors! Naughty item ☺ at only 99 L the full pack.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

gEMS fROM GFW 2/5/12 – tAKE 2 –

[trs] – Sugar Rush Outfit – Playful & yummy set that includes: arm tattoos, tube top, panties, donut ring, lollipop, tongue and earrings. Just 100 L .

Divinity Boutique – Phrases Tops, available in 3 different slogans. 50 L each!.

Aissence – Ute Summer Shorts Set. Including shorts and tops in 3 different colors, the top comes with/without lace options. 75L

Forever Young – Rigged MESH Polka Dots Dress. Since its a mesh item, it comes with 5 different sizes and 2 alpha layers . 99 L

Nemezi – Sparkly Eyeshadow FatPack,Absolutely gorgeous item that Includes 5 different colors on tattoo layers. Only 25 L!!

Seddy’s Creations – Daisy Dukes Fatpack & Show Some Slinky Top FatPack. The short´s pack includes 7 diff. colors, and the top pack 9 different colors. 99 L each pack.

Freaky Design – Horns with Straps. UNISEX item that comes with 2 different sizes. Very nice one! just 55 L.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)