Holli Pocket rocking at The Whore Couture Fair 2012 -Part 2-

*HolliPocket* – Dirty Jeans – I ♥ the texture used to create this hot jeans, specially the details on the pockets and the jean´s seam. The style is low-rise but not like those pants that shows more than enough (thumbs up!), plus they come w/without boxers options and prim cuffs. This fab. jeans comes in many tones (im showing you all of them): brown, black,  worn and worn light blue. ☺

BTW, im wearing this jeans with the top part (jacket plus underwear) of the fabulous Halterneck dress that Sticky Fingers offers for this event.

Find this gems at The Whore Couture Fair!

Holli Pocket rocking at The Whore Couture Fair 2012 -Part 1-

This are the last weeks to enjoy this fantastic fair. I usually visit this kind of events on the last days bcs, of course, i try to avoid the bothering “lag”. So, if you didnt visit this fair yet, its the better time to do so before it ends.

I will keep posting WCF items of all the stores..why? because, as you may saw, they do rock!. The items offered by Holli Pocket are a great example of this; lets see..

*HolliPocket* – Staticlicious Mini – Hot, cute, hyper-sexy mini dress from HP. This dress comes in many colors to choose : Aqua, Black, White, Baby pink, Baby blue, Butterscotch, Canary yellow, Hot pink and  Lavendar. ♥

Find this gem at The Whore Couture Fair!

The Garter Affair – Holli Pocket

          *HolliPocket* – Staticlicious Mini-Dotty Pink – This is another gorgeous item from one of my favs. stores, HolliPocket. I adore the garters included on it, plus the lace details on the dress cleavage. I went to HP Mainstore and discover this dress is the item offered for the last Lazy Sunday (and its still available! But u better run..) so the price is reduced to just 75 L. Enjoy it, sexy creatures!