Cosmopolitan & HT round ending soon!!

A  new round of Cosmopolitan and Hello Tuesday  is almost ending, so…since i promesse you there are tons of fantastic items to go& get, i suggest you to better hurry 😉 Cosmo ends on 21th.

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_008 sedfy_008 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 1 sedfy_006 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_014 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_013 Snapshot_016


ME SEW SEXY – Black Leather Booties for SLink Av-Enhancement (high) feet,100L. Teleport to ME SEW SEXY  (HT item!) 

CHOCOLATE ATELIERAnica Dress include 5 standard sizes,  8 colors available, 120L each.

DIVINITY CREATIONS – Deesse Necklace include long and short versions, 225L. Christmas hat also included,

FLOWElement Sweatshirt include 5 standard sizes, 4 designs available, demo available, 70L each.

MUDSKIN – Muse II Skin include 5 versions and 4 eyebrow shapes, demo available, 150L. (she is a GODDESS, believe me ☺)

WARM ANIMATIONS – Cuddle Armchair include some awesome animations for singles and couples, viewable demo available, 250L.

WEST 143RD Moose Head Gacha, 12 commons available, 1 rare available, 50L per play.

WIMEYReady to Toss Backpack, 2 colors available, 60L each.

NS – Cool outfit- Includes jeans, boots, jacket and top (its a wicked outfit!!)

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