GeMs frOm GrenAde – Grenade Free Wednesday items – 2

Piccara – Ribbon Blouses. This delicious blouses comes in 6 different pastel tones to choose from. 65 L.

JULYs- Ultra Low Black Jeans. includes long and Capri length options and sculpted cuffs. To b sincere, i used to hate low pants, but this one made me rethink…i luv how they look! 50L.

Step inSide – Nika in nude skins. The pack includes 4 different skin tones and this shape (im wearing the milky tone) 99L.

EnvyMe – My Sexy Sculpt Skirt. This punky style skirt is available in 15 different colors. It has a resizer script to perfectly fit ☺. 79L.

Sparrowtree Studios – Dear Diary Pose set (for women), includes 4 static poses, a cute pink diary and a lovely feather pen. Dear Blog Pose Set (for men), includes 4 static poses and laptop.  Each pose comes in lot of options to work with : in separate pose, poseballs and hud versions. Im showing the female set, but the Blog set also rocks! 60 L each set.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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