Hot Freebies of the month

Le Poppycock*Peeptoe* January Group Gift. Poppy is one of my fav. stores of the grid, and they have a plus: every month they give to their groupies really gorgeous gifts (without counting the Gatcha items, that also rocks!..). So this is a good example, this Peeptoe shoes are a melange of indie-chic ☺ (they come with script resizer & alpha layer to fit perfectly on any Coquette girl). Thanks so much Olivia & Julliette!

<MARIKO> Free skins from the Lucky Boards. The first pic is CHARMY_LB & the second one is called SULLI_LB. For me, this skins are cute as heavens, so tx to the creator 😉

MonCheri – Tiny gift box. (placed on the desk, near the entrance). This store, previously named as Trashy Girls in Style, is the most hoOoOot clothing store of the whole world. Also, like Poppycock, they give to their followers amazing gifts, just as this one. This black outift is incredibly gorgeous; comes with everything you see: garters, tights, boa and corset with multiple ways to wear it!. Thanks so much Freya Olivieri

bonne chance! – Angel Dress. An adorable dress that comes with wings and hair ornament! (join group)

bonne chance! Free tattoo. With back and forward detail. (join group)

bonne chance! White Dress – freebie for group joiners.

:pesca: – 2011 Christmas gift veil skirt

 .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Dress :: MARY :: This adorable MESH dress is the gift from Loulou&co from the Where is the Concert Hunt . (it has resizer, so i put the collar attachment really big, couse i think it looks lovely ;). Btw, i had to turn my hips to 60 or else..but see how it fit on you..).

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