GeMs frOm GrenAde – Grenade Free Wednesday items

Tenjin – Unfinished Spring Full Body Tattoo. This amazing tattoo store allways includes fresh and faded versions of each creation (also only upper or lower tattoo options, and full body tattoo). What can i say? i feel so special wearing Tenjin ♥. 75 L

Aissence – Just A Peek Outfit in red. This outfit includes pasties, dress or top and leggings. 65L.

Cluster – GFW Skin and Shape.  It comes with the shape imshowing, plus 2 skins with/without freckles.  90 L. A true cutie face!

SAKIDE – Question Sweaters. Available in pink, red or white (each sweater comes with 2 options: with/ without the question mark). 70 L!

Kennedy’s – Heart skirt. Wow, now this is really really short skirt (the back side is so hot..allowing others 2 see half of your panties ☻)It comes with script resizer so you dont have to worry about editing it to fit. 50 L

Ear Candy – Set In Gold. A pair of gold earrings and a colorful bangle. Only 30 L!

Non stop flight to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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