Insecure – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for THE CHALLENGE

22769 ~ [bauwerk] made this cool and useful set of security gates for THE CHALLENGE. This event ends on 30th October, so there is still time to grab your shopping cart and pick up some cool stuff from there…

THE CHALLENGE Theme “Shopping”

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Laters, baby… 22769 ~ [bauwerk] featuring UBER

22769 ~ [bauwerk] really K.O me with rad and extremelly creative items; so when i went to  UBER  Event and saw their set, i just smiled and thought “…they did it again”.  This time they created a set inspired in “50 shades of Grey” called 50 Shades of Sexy .

IT will be available until 30th October, so you can check the event´s web for more info and else
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22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black Side Table – Find this at UBER

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black Chaiselounge PG – Find this at UBER

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Box of Praline – Find this at UBER

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  Condoms – Find this at UBER

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  Brutus Lamp – Find this at UBER

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wrapped Roses – Find this at UBER

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Foxglove in vase LTD-Group Gift

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  Flowers in Vase

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  [accessories] Shoulder Dragon #4 [creme] [rare]

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Calla in Vase

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Segmented Curtain Silver

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  Tuscany Fence Folding Screen Metal

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  Decorative Balls LTD-Group Gift

A cat over a hot tin roof

Leaping from roof to roof i finally found a nice spot to show you my new look: a pair of very feline, retro & sexy sunglasses from MonCheri (new release for the Vintage & Cool Fair ), an ultra hot bodice from Paperbag, some pair of vinyl boots from Le Forme, and a totally hot high bun style hair by Exile ( out now at Collabor88) . Btw, im so in love with my new skin from Go & See (you really need to check this store!!  Also their makeups rocks) 

Hottie Shopping!!

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