My favs from GFW 3

Holli Pocket – Cover Up Cowl Tops, comes in 2 different colors: black or white. 75 L.  Im like a collector of this sweaters lol, i adore them bcs they make the avi look hot ☺.

Tenjin – Thistle Goddess Full Body Tattoo, including fresh and faded versions. 75 L. This one is now on my top 5 tat. list! ♥

July’s – Forget Yesterday Tattoo for girls & Skull Shirt in black for guys.40 L each one. I like both items a loOot (male stuff isnt a “not to wear” to me, plus, sometimes i do like wearing some male items if they do rock like this T ☺).

SHUP BISH – Pack of 5 gestures. Includes “NIIICE”, “NEVERMIND”, “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!”, “GET YOUR HEAD OUTTA YOUR ASS” and “FORGET ABOUT” . Fem & male voices! 99L. For girls n guys!

Phoebe –Winter Bangles, with resize menu. 35 L. I didnt need to resize them, and they look so cute!

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)


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