Yusssss! Grenade Free Wednesday – Part 1 –

Leri Miles Design – Christmas Top, 5 different tones to choose from. Cuutie!

Tenjin – Star & Heart Scribble Tattoos. The pack includes both fab. tats!

Miseria – Santa Baby Dress. You can choose red or green, or both! They are sexy& fun dresses for this holly days…

Anymore – Desire Outfit. Includes top and shorts, comes in blue or pink version. Just a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e-

Piccara – Crushed Blouse. There are 2 color packs to choose (black white & blue pink) I adore this kind of open blouses to show off my cute sutiens lol

Rangs – Curves Ring in Orange. Yepp! i caught this special ring, with an organic shape and retro touch. Pretty find 😉

Holli Pocket– Softy Dress- Available in 2 pastel colors, this delicious dress has multiple combinations! So play with its contents to arm yours 😉

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