Hey you fashion soldiers, ready for Grenade?! – Grenade Free Wednesday – Part 3

Melancholia – Heartful Jeans in Brown.  They are so personal, i like the cowboy style of it.

Tenjin – Cherry Blossom Tattoo, includes fresh & faded versions. this tattoo brand rocks!

LOULOU&CO – Hesperide Necklace- It comes in 3  options (its small cute rocks have 3  diff. tones of blue)75L.  Precious indian style necklace.

YouriGami – Aria Shape -,includes 3 height options, but its also mod.100L. I think it works so nice with my skin, it is cu-te! 

Piccara – Military Jacket, available in blue, brown and black tones. Now, this IS a military jacket! the prim details are a plus to make it just adorable, it really inspired me.

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