A boat in the sky? – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for The Fantasy Collective

Another epic item from the rocking team of 22769 ~ [bauwerk], this Floating Boat set is awesome! There are four colours available, 125L each/450L fatpack. This set includes nine single sits for up to two avatars and cost 375L. Complete set of four fish and boat, 675L.

Catch it at The Fantasy Collective event or later, at Bauwerk Mainstore

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Sky spy – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] featuring The Fantasy Collective

Inmerse in the silence of a midsummer night, i climb to the empty roof, then i light some candles, pour my pillow on the cold floor, open a red wine bottle and while im lying facing the immensity, i finally grab my telescope to spy…

This set im showing today is a lovely creation from 22769 , wich was done for this “celestial” round on The Fantasy Collective. The event runs from November 20th – December 05th, 2014.

Dont miss it!!

22a 22c 22b


( Find this set at The Fantasy Collective).
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Armillary Sphere

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Row of candles

22769~ [bauwerk] Moon Lamp

22769~ [bauwerk] Scrolls

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Books

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Star Watcher Pillows

22769~ [bauwerk] Telescope

22769~ [bauwerk] The Star Chaser