Sky spy – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] featuring The Fantasy Collective

Inmerse in the silence of a midsummer night, i climb to the empty roof, then i light some candles, pour my pillow on the cold floor, open a red wine bottle and while im lying facing the immensity, i finally grab my telescope to spy…

This set im showing today is a lovely creation from 22769 , wich was done for this “celestial” round on The Fantasy Collective. The event runs from November 20th – December 05th, 2014.

Dont miss it!!

22a 22c 22b


( Find this set at The Fantasy Collective).
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Armillary Sphere

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Row of candles

22769~ [bauwerk] Moon Lamp

22769~ [bauwerk] Scrolls

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Books

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Star Watcher Pillows

22769~ [bauwerk] Telescope

22769~ [bauwerk] The Star Chaser

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