Cosmopolitan Sales Room!!

A new round of this awesome event, CSR,  is ending and you just cant miss it! Cosmopolitan Sales Room has tons of beautiful items for this round, all for extraordinary low prices.. Check it out and find them all here

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Pic 1, 2 & 3:

CHOCOLATE ATELIER – Tendresse Fleur lingerie includes optional Lolas, Tangos, L.Inc, PhatAzz, CuteAzz and Slink Stockings applier, nc/m/nt, 4 colors to choose from, 70L each. (comes in black,. white, red and pink colors)

MINA HAIR – hair/fatpack. Femke hair includes 5 shades per pack, 7 packs to choose from, demo available, 200L each or  fatpack for 1080L.

ORSINIRED –Little Goddess outfit (im showing the Flower crown, part of the set)includes camisk and bikini, 5 colors to choose from, 89L each.

Pic 4 & 5

NS – Cream Candy Top in 5 standard sizes, 2 colors to choose from, demo available, 100L each. (includes the cuuute icecream 😉 )

Pic 6

BAD APPLE – Malena Top includes optional WOWmeh and Tango appliers, 8 colors included, 70L.

Pic 7 & 8

FOREVER – Loli top in 5 standard sizes, 7 colors to choose from, 70L each. Shorts includes optional PhatAzz, CuteAzz, Banned, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty and Perfect Bum appliers, 6 colors to choose from, 70L each. Kawaii Sneakers, 5 colors to choose from, 70L each. Socks Top for Kawaii Sneakers (sneakers not included) include 28 color options available via HUD, 70L.

Pic 9

PANDA PUNX –Tilly Bashful Skin includes regular/cleavage skins, lola tango/puffy/bbusty/lush/phat/cute azz/perfect bum/banned/brazilia/ghetto booty/loud mouth/baby bump appliers via hud, c/nm/nt, demo available, 99L. There is also available a Tilly Shape, that  includes brow shape and style card, c/nm/nt, 99L. (im not showing it on this pic)

Pic 10 & 11

GIOMEN – MESH Cargo Shorts includes standard sizes, 10 colors and belt textures via hud, c/nm/nt, 70L.

Pic 12

PERCH – Lacey Halter Top includes 2 system clothing layers, tango/wowmeh optional appliers via hud, 3 colors available, 79L each.

Pic 13

NINETY –Romper Suit with 3 texture options available via HUD (hearts, stripes or circles), 99L.

Pic 14& 15

SNOWPAWS – Bonbon Ribbon Hat, 70L.  Sur Dress in 5 standard sizes includes mini rose earrings (wich im wearing in all this pics), demo available, 80L

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