The Black Fair 2013 – Al Vulo, PaperBag and Maxi Gossamer

Another fantastic round of Black Fair 2013 for you..

So today i did a cool mix n match from 3 top brands: Al Vulo featuring a gorgeous skin, Maxi Gossamer with irresistible jewelry set and a pair of boots from Paper Bag that are fire!

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Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [Cecilia] – [ Smoke Sunkissed]. Ok..there is a fantastic news: Al Vulo introduced Slink mesh hands and foot enhancement!! And it is part of this skin pack, which also includes mesh eyeliner (so cute), a pair of eyes and a lot more of handy stuff for this skin optimization (fuchsia lipstick not included) Find it here. 

Jewelry: MG – Necklace  and earrings – Alexa Black Choker Pearls. This mesh set includes 5 different styles for the necklace and earrings in gold/ silver. ♥ it!

Find it here. 

Boots: Paperbag – Back Away Gold Boot. Absolutely smashing item from this store ( i will soon do a special post with the rest of PB items because they all rocks! This boots comes also in silver version. Find them here. 

Items that are not part of the fair:

Bodysuit: Sur+

Hands:  Slink – Mesh Hand Casual – Im so happy to be finally wearing them with Al Vulo enhancement 🙂

Wall sign: 7 (Seven Emporium)– Love Vintage Sign. Absolutely in ♥ with this store creations!

Wings: Cheerno

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