Amarelo Manga is looking for you!

One of my  favs store inworld, Amarelo Manga, is doing a “model scout” for their print ads.

So, since i know lot of you have the skills to apply, im sharing the info!

Have fun and good luck to all

AM ad

Here is what you need to do
1. Join the [AMARELO MANGA] (a photo sharing site). And submit a pic of you wearing a [AMARELO MANGA] Swim Wear COllection. Write your full name in the description of the pic. Please make sure to add a tittle: “AMARELO MANGA PRINT: Your Name”

2. Join .: [ AMARELO MANGA] :. Updates group as all the announcements regarding this contest would be on this group ONLY. –…

All submissions would go from July 23rd to August 6 and the selected models will be announced on the 8th of August.

3. You will be judge based on your styling skills, your ability to highlight the outfit and the best way for you to represent the brand. Please keep in mind that all the basic clothing layers that you are wearing should be only from [AMARELO MANGA].

4. Photoshopping the image is encouraged however be sure that the dress doesnt loose its originality.

5. Bloggers willing to participate are not allowed to submit pictures wearing review copy dresses. Pics featuring freebies or dollarbies is not allowed.

6. Selected Models will be part of the next [AMARELO MANGA] PrinT, LookBook and Magazine Ads.

For questions and inquireis, please get in touch with Fuzz Lennie, AMARELO MANGA Marketing Director.

Best of luck!


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