GFW 16/5/12 – take 1-

Chloe – Olga MESH Romper. Such an adorable item that includes 5 sizes and alpha layer, there ´s no demo available, but it fits great.. and only cost 77 L .

Step Inside – France Skins. This fab. pack comes with 3 different tones (now showing Tan tone), with/without cleavage layers. 85 L

ZINAS – Breezy Rigged MESH Tube Tops,  8 different colors, each one includes 5 different sizes and an alpha layer. 50 L each!

The Phoenix Collections – Nala Outfit. Available in 4 different colors:  black, green, red or blue. 75 L each pack.

 Sparrowtree Studios – Horoscope Poses, available in 12 different designs. Just 15 L each one!

 Cherry Pop Studio – “Begging for Money” gesture

 Cherry Pop Studio – “It sucks to be you” gesture

 Cherry Pop Studio – “You are a Wankster” gesture.

The Insult Gestures pack includes this 3 cool items. Just 90 L the pack.

Sugar & Cyanide – Buttoned, Belted MESH Tube Top. Comes with 3 different sizes and an alpha layer. 50 L!.

Kennedy’s – Tied Tube Tops Fatpack, including 8 different colors! Naughty item ☺ at only 99 L the full pack.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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