gEMS fROM GFW 2/5/12 – tAKE 2 –

[trs] – Sugar Rush Outfit – Playful & yummy set that includes: arm tattoos, tube top, panties, donut ring, lollipop, tongue and earrings. Just 100 L .

Divinity Boutique – Phrases Tops, available in 3 different slogans. 50 L each!.

Aissence – Ute Summer Shorts Set. Including shorts and tops in 3 different colors, the top comes with/without lace options. 75L

Forever Young – Rigged MESH Polka Dots Dress. Since its a mesh item, it comes with 5 different sizes and 2 alpha layers . 99 L

Nemezi – Sparkly Eyeshadow FatPack,Absolutely gorgeous item that Includes 5 different colors on tattoo layers. Only 25 L!!

Seddy’s Creations – Daisy Dukes Fatpack & Show Some Slinky Top FatPack. The short´s pack includes 7 diff. colors, and the top pack 9 different colors. 99 L each pack.

Freaky Design – Horns with Straps. UNISEX item that comes with 2 different sizes. Very nice one! just 55 L.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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