gEMS fROM GFW 2/5/12 – tAKE 1 –

Tenjin – Rose of Sharyn tattoo. Adorable unisex tat. that includes fresh and faded versions. 50 L.

Kennedy´s – Ugh’s! Boots Fatpack. Cute & so wearable boots, believe me, they fit as well as u may see, and are so well done. This pack includes 7 different colors. 99 L.

Crash Republic – Leopard Skinny Pants. Pretty jeans, with a soft leopard texture,  in pink or grey color. 50 L.

[CPS] GFW Urban/Random Fatpack (unisex) for L$90 includes 3 bad ass gestures that are sure to steal the spotlight…sweet deal at L$30 per gesture! : • Good feeling in ma undapants • I should really back hand bitch slap you • You know it nicca!

SHINEE – MEME Shirt . Cool T at just 30 L. Good deal ☺

AlterEgo – Stuntin Outfit. Hot item! this outfit includes 2 tops (in the 1st pic im wearing a catsuit under the top, from A&M that is not included here), mini skirt and socks. 89 L!

Sour Apple – Nude 80’s Trompe L’Oeil Printed Nipple Piercing Body Suit. Cool & personal body that comes with nipple piercing texture. 90 L

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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