My favs from GFW

Nemezi – Suspenders!- Available in 8 different colors, this cool item comes with resizer script. 20 L each one or fatpack 80L!

Tenjin- Babydoll Tattoo – Comes in fresh and faded versions on shirt, undershirt and tattoo layers. Just 40 L! ♥

Kennedy’s – Oopsie School Girl Sweater in pink – Very very naughty top at 50 L.

[Echo] – Intermezzo Mesh Dress. Black.Pink – 90 L . This mesh dress includes a pretty bright pant. 90 L.

Sparrowtree Studios – The Tribute Pose Set, including 4 static poses with saluting prim hand, and bow & arrow props. 25 L each.

 Divinity Boutique – Rawr Outfit – Includes top, shorts and tattoo layer for legs. Just 80 L

 Seddy’s Creations – Heavy Metal Stomper Boots with resize script & Hard Candy Spikey Pumps that comes with a color hud to choose between 13 different colors, plus skin and resize options. 99 L each item.

Forever Young –  Stonewashed Mini Skirts, available in 4 different colours. Each skirt  includes 4 different sizes. 75 L

Misera – Easter Fun Top Hat – Playful item to celebrate this days ☺ 75 L.

Step inSide – LLivia Skins – Includes 4 different tones each with/without cleavage  and eyebrow shaper. 85 L.

 Freaky Design – Bunny Hat – Adorable item that comes with resizer . 75 L

 blah.BLAH.blah – Sweater and Denim Skirt Outfits – available in 5 different colors. 99 L.

Aissence – Karina Sheer Lingerie Fatpack – including 8 different colors. Just 80 L..a real MUST!.

Run run run to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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