My collection from GFW (21 / 3 /12)

.:: Delusions ::. – Young, Wild and Free – Stomach tattoo that comes in many layers to wear. ♥

Freaky Design – Lemonade on the go- Lo.Ve.Ly backpack with mod. options. 75 L

Forever Young – make-up/earrings – Juicee Lipsticks Set, that includes 8 different colors and Tear Drop Earrings, with 9 different color texture change. 75 L each item.

Crash Republic – Worn Out Shorts- Cool torn short in light blue jean. A must, for only 50 L!

Aissence – Ellie Outfit- including aqua teased tank top , pasties and massacred jeans with aqua threads. 75 L.

 V & M Inc – Low Tops Shoes, available in white or black colors, with resize script. 99 L.

American Bazaar – Grenade Exclusive Outfit – Pretty set of prim top and skirt for  70 L! ♥

Epic – Kawaii Mini Cupcake Jetpack in sherbet- CuUte backpack with scripted and animated particle sparkles option. Only 45 L.

Kennedy’s – Babydoll Dresses-  includes both colors, black and white, and its like 2 outfits in one (im showing both options of how to wear it) 70 L.

Sparrowtree Studios – Female Model Pose Pack, including 12 static poses in poseballs, huds and individually &  Male Pose Pack, including 8 static poses in poseballs, huds and individually.Male pack 40 L & Fem pack 60 L. (im showing a mix of both packs, and i ♥ them all).

Tenjin – Whole Lotta Rosie Tattoo – Aw.Esome tat for the stomach and legs, on underpants, shirt, undershirt and tattoo layers, in fresh and faded versions. Just 50 L ♥.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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