Pretty things from GFW (14 /3/12) – Take 2 –

Tenjin – Romance – Adorable tat. with Romanticism reminiscents; its just like wearing a real paint on your body! 50 L.

[trs] – Cozy white dress – Simple but cute dress that comes with the belt im showing. 80 L

blah.BLAH.blah – Camo booty shorts – They come in 5 different colors to choose from. 99L each.

HollyWeird – BeatN Heartz necklace – Cute necklace with resizer. 40 L

 Xtra Ordinary – Forgotten romance – Aww lovely set that includes the cuUte white bra & the blouse. 95 L.

Forever Young – Pink zebra mini dress & pink zebra hooka heels – 99 L each one.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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