My collects from Grenade Free Wednesday 15/02/12

Sparrowtree Studios – Mardi Gras Pose Sets. Each set comes with 4 different static poses, in poseballs, huds or individually. It also includes bead necklaces and color changing masks with feathers! (im showing the fem. pack, but there´s also a male pose set available) 60L.

Piccara – Oops Tops – Available in 3 different packs, each one includes 2 colors tops. 75 L

HollyWeird – ButterFly Budz Ring and Hair Clip. This set comes with bling on/off and a resize menu. 50 L.

Aissence – Pink Shimmers Lingerie Set – 35 L!!

Envyme – Arm Loose Dresses- There are  12 different patterns dresses to choose from, each dress comes in S, M & L sizes with alpha layer (demo available) MESH item. 99L

Forever Young – Knock Ya Out Earrings. Available in silver or gold color. 75 L each one.

Kennedy’s – Animal Print Extra Long Prim Nails- This rawrrr nails comes with a texture change hud that allows you to use them in 7 different textures. Im showing them with a cute pair of leather gloves, but they come with skin gloves to fit with ur skin tone. 99L.

Crash republic – Tube Tops – They come in 4 different colors. 30 L each!

Tenjin – Simple Sketch Tattoo – This tat. is for chest, arms, stomach, back and leg areas. Includes fresh and faded versions. 50L!!

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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