Each day is Valentine´s day – Aphotic Gloom Release

Aphotic Gloom , my fav. eye´s store of the grid, is offering  very special eyes for the Juicy Crush On You event. This collection is called Aquilius Eyes  “Coeur Edition” and, of course, its inspired in the Valentines Day (and will be released in stores and marketplace afterward!).

Im showing here 2 of the 4 colors available for that event: Bleeding Heart and Candybox.  Each pack of A.G eyes comes with prim eyes (copy/mod) for higher resolution or to resize the Iris to any size you want! (i do adore having this option..) & with the “No Iris Eye” included. Enjoy them and have a wonderful Valentine´s day ♥..

Psss : The Juicy Crush on You event will be open from Feb. 10th to Feb. 18 th.

Aphotic Gloom marketplace (to check more of its fabulous creations, plus to get pretty pair of eyes, called Clarus Eyes- Watermelon, as gift from Rico Plisskin, A.G owner & creator)

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