Grenade Free Wednesday gems!

Tenjin – Wings of Love Tattoo. Includes fresh, faded and black & white versions. 50L!

Epic – Slouchie Digi Warmers. It comes with many options: with/without hooves and hooves in black and brown. 75 L!

Sparrowtree Studios – Heartfelt Couple Pose, including pose in pose balls, individual poses and 1prim wall background (lovely!). Love Notes Couple Pose for 2 people, including poses in pose balls, individual poses and heart shaped notes for boy/girl, girl/girl and boy/boy. 30 L each pack! Special thanks to my handsome friend, Alf Whitaker ♥-.

blah.BLAH.blah – Rock Tee’s . This coOol T´s comes in 4 different prints 2 choose from (Devil child, Dia de los muertos, Dripping Skull and Route 666) Check my Flickr to see them all!

Kennedy’s – Prim Mini Skirt in solid colours, with colour change hud!

Acide! – Jam Face Piercing in red. Comes on 3 different attachment points, all with shade details. 90 L

Holli Pocket – Cover Up Sweater in ivy. This pretty & well known sweater now is being sold in a gorgeous color..its a must! 75 L.

HollyWeird – CuppyCakeZ Jewellery Set. Including necklace, ring and earrings, all with bling on/off function. 50 L!

LMD – Amore Dresses – It is available in 6 different prints (all gorgeous). Each dress comes with dress & bikini top (as you may see…im wearing it without the bikini, and i think it also rocks in this hotter way ☺). 75 L each dress.

Delusions – Live Fast, Die Pretty Tattoo. Comes with sleeve, neck and back tattoos. 75L (i ♥ it!)

AV!SAGE – ShoeBox Heels Platforms, available in 4  colors. 99 L each one.

Piccara- Zebra Corsage Tops. This cuties are available in 2 packs to choose from, each packs includes 3 tops! 75 L.

Aissence – Shard Dagger – This sexy & brave garter comes with color change heart. 55L

EnvyMe – Tube Dresses, MESH!, available in 18 tempting designs. Each dress comes with different sizes . 99 L each one.

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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