Gems collected in GFW – Take 2!

Ducknipple – Rawr Dress in black/blue -100 L….a MUST!! (i noticed i was wearing some black long gloves from another outfit..i know it doesnt look bad, but the 3/4 sleeves of this dress are an adorable touch; my bad 😦  ).

Aissence – Pink Naughtiness Tops – Includes: striped and solid pink tops and 2 different colours of nipple pasties (the cuute pasties comes in pink and black option, its the one on the 1st pic) 49 L. This top is a triple “B”: Bold, Brave & Beautifull ♥

SparrowTree Studios – Happily Ever After Pose Sets. Each pack includes poseballs, individual poses and pose hud. Im showing the Princess Pose Pack, that contains 4 static poses. (the couple pose sets are cute as this ones, and every pose is inspired in famous children’s stories.. Couples poses/pose set, 25L each/50 L

Tenjin – Forget Me Not Tattoo. Including fresh and faded versions, on multiple clothing layers. 50 L♥

Non stop trip to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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