Holli Pocket EveryWhere!!

FTLO Hunt & Private Room

Top: *HolliPocket* Ootsey Cutesy Top-Grey Foral – Pirvate Room Event

Pants: *HolliPocket*Bottoms Up Jeans-Brownie/Grey 1L (as you may know FTLO Hunt its kinda different…you need to find an item in store that cost just 1L, and inside it you will find the gift…so, you finally have 2 gifts ☺)

Skin: Sorry.Asia

Hair: AD

Lazy Sunday item

*HolliPocket* Ootsey Cutesy Top-Pink Peppermint- Lazy Sunday- 50 L. Yes…i know its almost Wednesday, but Holli is sooo cool and she still lets this item in the store, so you have time to go and get it ♥

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