Mes trésors..from Grenade Free Wednesday – Take 2!

Tenjin – Amelinda Tattoo – Whats more cute than this tat?? ♥ It comes with chest/stomach tats, with multiple layers (fresh and faded versions) 50L.

Piccara – Bare Shoulder Tops- You can choose from 3 different (each one comes with 3 diff. colors tops) 99 L per pack. I ♥ Piccara..

[M] – Oxsana Glitter Pumps. This shoes burn! Comes in pink or black, they have a beautiful texture that glitters. Hot!! 99 L each color.

Phoebe – Sweet Diamonds Face Piercing. Ok…i trully ♥ it!! Because i allways wanted this kind of piercing, delicate and tiny diams ☺. (it is mod) 60 L.

Aissence – Latex Sublet Outfit. Includes: Covered and uncovered halter top, fingerless gloves, latex stockings and thong. 75 L. Burrrrrns! Are U ready to crack the ground?…

TP to Jersey Shore sim  (this lm will tp you infront of the sim store´s teleporter)

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