3, 2, 1………Run!! – Grenade Free Wednesday Scene 2

Holli Pocket – Softy Dress – White or purple color to choose. I´d been posting about this adorable item before, but i will remind you this is Infinite dresses in one! You can apply your creativity to assemble your personal one, by playing with each part.

Melancholia – Black Soul Boots. This cool winter boots comes with script resizer. Adorable item..

M.O.a.R – Strumpet Dress – I bet this hoooot dress can melt the entire pole 😉

Piccara – Christmas Hoodies. Awwww…ok..im in love! This hoodies are available in 5 different texture designs. Im a fan of hoods, so i think this ones are a must; the antlers idea on the sculpted hood makes this item so special.

Rangs – Sugar Cookie Ring. As usual, this creator offers the ring with left & right hand option. I luv it texture and the organic touch 🙂

Tenjin – Hearts Take Flight Tattoo. It comes in fresh and faded options. Tenjin´s tats are allways a must have to me.

Step Inside – Rug – this playful items allows you to use it for 3 peeps, plus it gives hot chocolate and cookies when touched.

EnvyMe – Unisex EyeGlasses Collection. Now this is a Fire!! My suggestion? buy the fastpack! ahaha… This fab. glasses are available in natural or radiant tones. Each pack is available in three different styles: basic, midpunk or punk.

Kennedy’s – Ample Outfit. Sexy, sexy & more sexy! It includes: low rise pants, cute black shoes, corset, pasties with 2 options, arm corset piecings and non-scripted collar.

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