My favs from GFW! 1

Sorry for the delay! But since there were looot of cool & pretty stuffs, i will post them today. Lets see………

 Tenjin – Rosey Posey Chest Tattoo, includes fresh and faded versions.

LOULOU&CO –Crazy Coco Corset in pink, ( high or low cut options, im wearing both ;))

CherryTw!st –  My Pink Skirts, sculpted skirts with resize scripts and panties -2 versions-

EnvyMe –  Xtina Xmas Hairs,  4 different hair colours with resize script

SparrowTree Studios – Snowed In Poses, 13 prim cabin all prop, with texture change interior wall, snow on the windowsill and ground!

Vintage tea –  Wool Time Scarves – available in 5 different colours Mod/Copy

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