Grenade Free Wednesday – Part 2!

Tenjin – Henna Blossom Tattoo (im showing the “fresh” style but it also comes in “faded” option)

[trs] Love or Hate Tank

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Top :: DEAUVILLE :: Black/Purple (comes in 3 style options)

[ SAKIDE ] Diamond Wool Pulls Red & Unbuttoned Leather Corset Pants Black

.:Aissence.: Rustic Grunge Carpet

.MarieDoll. –  Sasha Hair Black

SSP Vintage Days pose pack . They are adorable and you get a pack with 20´s, 30´s, 40´s , 50´s , 60´s, 70´s & 80´s!! Im showing 80´s, 70´s & 20´s style . They are perfect to show your latest beauties of Vintage Fair!

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