LaZy SunDay – Holli Pocket

          Absolutely gorgeous!! arent them? This preciousness are being offered as part of Lazy Sunday weekly event. They are called Lace Up Onesys, and of course her creator is Holli Thespian from Holli Pocket Store. There are 2 packs to choose from: pack 2 that comes with black and apricot colors, or pack 4 that comes with the pink and blue ones. Enjoy them, sexy!


Hairs: TRUTH – Addison – oasis & TRUTH –  Faith 

Necklace: League – Vintage Jewelry Set – Awwwwww…the cutest jewelry ever 😉

Skin: Sorry Asia. Im really sorry this store will close soon, because i like their items a lot. Im not the kind of person that shouts happy “closing sale” but i would like to share here that, naturally, their items are being sold at a very low cost.

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