If its Wednesday…its GFW time! – Grenade Free Wednesday items – Scene 2!

Glamour Designs – necklace, Lightning Necklace with colour change and resize script . Seriously rocks!

Tenjin – Beautiful Disaster tattoo ( stomach and back tattoo),  comes in Fresh and Faded options as allways!. What to say? im Tenjin´s new fan 🙂

W&R – Hello Chaton Shirt .Awwwww…Happy emo me! lol

W&R} – Stronger face piercing – Luv it! its modify, so you can adjust every tiny piece.  Btw, im wearing AV!Sage Tia Skin in tan, wich is part of this GFW round.

AV!Sage – Tia Skin in tan – She is so sexy but also tender, lovely skin. ( i must say this skin works great with my shapes and i also discovered that it fits fantastic with my Emo hud faces!)

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