Hey you fashion soldiers, ready for Grenade?! – Grenade Free Wednesday – Part 1

BARBIEDOLL Jack Skellington tee, orange. 65L

BARBIEDOLL Jack Skellington tee, black. 65L

Delusions – Wretched Face Makeup, includes 5 makeup options,  80L. I really love how it works with my Pf skin! its adorable..

Leri Miles Design – Celestial Scarfs, includes 3 scarfs in each pack, 8 colors to choose from, 100L. Its so well made and the colors are fab.

Cherry Pop Studios – Female Gesture Pack, includes 3 gestures : oh baby, cya later, that shit was funny. 100L. I hope i could show you them! well if you are curious, call me inworld and i will shout them for you! 😉

Aissence – Holiday Half Stockings. Comes in orange and black options and sculpt bows. 49L

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