BooooooooooM! – Grenade Free Wednesday –

          The Jersey Shore Sim event called “Grenade Free Wednesay” meets some of the most talented and cool stores of SL to bring you great items at low price.

          Im a big fan of this kind of events, so i usually visit GFW. this week i couldnt resist, so i took all items offered…Why? because they do rocK! Let me show you most of them

Molichino La Conia Dress in Red. Chic & Sexy dress!

Leri Miles Designs – Love Corset, available in 6 colors, and two versions included. Exquisite transparent details, it is gorgeous.

Sakide – Witch Outfits, pumpkin or wicked versions (im showing Wiked), includes everything you see on this pic -well, not my hair 🙂 – Its a must have, sooo sexy!

Barbiedoll – Noona 2 Special Skin (i love her lips!)

Delusions – Supah Star Eyeliner-  includes tattoo layers, 4 colors plus eyeliner! C-U-T-e-e-e

[trs] So Hard Tank. Some of my fav. color tones convinations,it rocks 😉

Izzie’s – Tweed Pants in Beige – Deliciously well made

Tenjin – Wild At Heart Tattoo, 2 shade options. C-U-T-E!

Juxtapose – Chilled Out Poses- includes 5 poses with or without scarf! Great combo 😉

(using my lipstic tattoo)

Sorry.Asia – Juna Skin – just adorable! (love this lips too)

(with prim option)

Holli Pocket – Lacin Love Tops- it comes in pack including 2 colors, with or without sleeves option, with prim top option too. Adorable, dont you like the broderie detail on its low side?

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