Sakura dancing with the wind – Riddle –

     Riddle resolved… i adore this store! So today im sharing with you one of its beauties,  the Sakura Tunic: This outfit includes sculpted sleeves, shirt puff and belt as well as a flexi skirt (it is modif., wich i apreciate a lot, but sincerly i´d no need to adjust it.. it fits so well!). There is also a color and texture change HUD included for the belt allowing you to change both leather texture and color to achieve a ton of different looks.

          A good advice? Sure! visit Riddle new Mainstore, in Atomic Island; you will find such adorable clothes like this one. Dont forget to join the group to recieve a special cute cute supercute gift 😉


Hair: Vive  9

Skin: Lara Hurley skins

Hot spot item

Dress: ** [ Riddle ] ** – Sakura Tunic – White (Thanks for trusting, Chrystina)

Sakura Dance – Haiku-

A tree stand, naked and alone

too much to say, no one to listen

Sakura blossoms inevitably appeared

Flowers are the lenguage of a wise tree…

( And now it talks, scream and whisper, while it dance with the wind )

A. D Writer

1 thought on “Sakura dancing with the wind – Riddle –

  1. Beautiful poem and pics, you are a poet, girl! smiles. i like that tunic, looks great on you. I want it too, comes in other colors?

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