Watch That Smile!! – Hair Fair 2011 –

Its so obvious….im a hair fan!, so any Hair expo its like Disney Land to my inner child 😉

Im showing some of the best hairs i´d found in HAIR FAIR 2011. Choose your fav.! i´d choosen mines (almost all, trust me, this year all the hairs created for this fair are just f-a-b-u-l-ous..).

HAIR FAIR 2011 Info:

The 6th annual Hair Fair runs July 2nd – 15th.

It is Hair Fair time of the year, and it has been a wonderful few months of preparing this event for a a great cause. Hair Fair has always been a fantastic way to showcase the talent of hair creators from all over Second Life, this year there are well over a hundred stores set up and almost ready to show you their marvelous NEW styles for this year.

Yes Hair Fair is always about the NEW NEW NEW. A minimum of three styles, maximum of five, with ALL hair at the fair donating to Wigs For Kids, the Charity of Choice for this years Hair Fair, so buy them all!

– Check lm´s to each store here:

Have fun 😉


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